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Jacob's Words for the Day, or Whatever

Oct. 14th, 2010

05:54 am - Moving my professional blog - AGAIN

Well, only a few days after posting that my professional blog moved from pordaria on Livejournal to hypertope, I have decided to move it WordPress.  I'm sorry for the confusion, but Hypertope just isn't as feature-rich as I need it to be.  So my personal blog will stay here, and my professional blog (which will likely be updated more often than my personal blog) will be at JacobJWalker.WordPress.com

Oct. 11th, 2010

06:37 am - I'm still alive

I haven't posted for a lonnnnnnng time now :-)   And I just looked back at my posts from 2008 when I had last posted, and I realize that a lot has changed, and it is only recently that the whirlwind of business has subsided sufficiently to even think about posting.

Right after I posted my thoughts about staying or going, I met the wonderful person who would become my wife.  I went to Israel; I finished my Bachelors; I got married to a very dear wife, and inherited two wonderful girls; and I finished my Masters.  So, now you know why I've been out of touch with everyone, and "dropped off the face of the earth"  

I doubt that I will be posting much in this blog regularly, because I have a new foster daughter.  But I will try to at least share important life events with my friends on this blog.  I will also be posting more professional/scholarly blog posts more regularly in my new educational blog at Hypertope, (http://www.hypertope.com/jacob-j-walker/blog)  My former pordaria blog will no longer be used.

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Jul. 10th, 2009

09:41 pm - My friend has a blog

I know that I have been bad about posting, and I'm not even sure if anyone even reads my blog any more...  But in case you do, my friend and roommate Brian has just started his own Blog on Blogger.com.   His address is: http://asi92pee.blogspot.com/

And if any of you have a paid account, would you mind adding a syndication to his page, by going to www.livejournal.com/syn and then adding at the bottom http://asi92pee.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Give it the asi92pee name if you would, and let me know, so I can add him to my friends list.

- Jacob

Dec. 3rd, 2008

11:42 pm - Recent Essays on Pordaria Live Journal

As I'm sure you have noticed, I've not been very prolific on the Tetrakatus LJ, but you might not have noticed that I'm starting to write more on the pordaria LJ, which I'm trying to have be my public/professional image, while the Tetrakatus LJ is more for personal stuff.

Nov. 4th, 2008

07:33 am - Vote

Please vote. Whether you support Barack or McCain, this is a historic election, and we all need to let our voices heard.

I know all of you know who I hope you vote for, but whether we agree or not, we need to let our voices be heard or else our voice will be taken away.

Speaking of voices... I thought this was a beautiful cover of the song from Will.I.Am

Current Music: Yes We Can!

Apr. 2nd, 2008

10:19 pm - Invitation to Nerd Out on Science with Me

I took today the Modern History of the Middle East test, and passed it!!!  I am very happy about that, since I've been studying for a while.

Next I'm going to take the CLEP Natural Sciences test.  So to study for it, I'm going to be watching a lot of Science documentaries, and science "lessons" on DVD.  Thankfully there are lots of these on both Netflix and Blockbuster.  So I'm trying to find out who might be interested in coming over sometimes and watching some of them with me.

Mar. 12th, 2008

09:37 pm - I'm an Uncle!!

Baby Taha was born last night about 4 pm our time....  My sister is doing well, and so is the baby.  I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

Feb. 25th, 2008

08:12 pm - Meme for the morning (well it is currently evening, but "evening" doesn't start with "m")

1. Do you have a tattoo(s)?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Fish?
5. Do you dream in color?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. Hipsters or Hillbillies?
8. How did we meet?
9. What's your philosophy on life and death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police?
12. Do you like musicals?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
15. Would you cheat ?
16. What are you wearing?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair?
21. What's your favorite day of the week?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you?
25. What was your first impression of me?
26. Have you ever done drugs?
27. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

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Feb. 20th, 2008

05:36 pm - Nerds for Barack

Wow. He actually gets it! I wasn't expecting him to really get it, but he does.

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

Feb. 15th, 2008

06:04 am - Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

I heard yesterday that my boss is leaving..  My original thoughts about why he was, were slightly wrong, but this post really isn't about the rights and wrongs, just the facts...

I realized last night, after hearing the news, that I am beholden to no-one now, or only the thread of responsibility holds me any place. I have no mortgage; I am no longer with Dawn; I don't have a cat; and my boss who I had promised to stay through his tenure, has his tenure ending.   I have nothing that requires me to be here.

Sure, I still have some responsibilities.  I have some debt, including a car loan.  I have precious friends.  And most importantly I have an idea that is worth dedicating my life to.   But none of these specifically mean I need to stay in Loomis, or the United States.

So I'm looking at the world, from Israel to Ghana to Ireland to England to India to anywhere else and opening my mind.  Should I stay or should I go?

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